Boost Engagement in your Company with Scorecast Business during the Rugby World Cup 2023

The Rugby World Cup 2023 is approaching, and the French national team is one of the favorites to win the title. To take advantage of this, Scorecast Business, the leading platform for the organization of online prediction competitions for companies, is ready to enter the fray. In 2023, we'll be offering the second Rugby World Cup on our platforms!

This year, there are several ways to play with us: predict matches, estimate point spreads, then answer bonus questions to challenge your colleagues and team leader. We've got two offers to suit your needs.

Starter offer - The essentials of the betting game

Simple, customizable and affordable, the Starter offer is perfect for creating a buzz in your offices in September. Take advantage of a secure web platform and mobile app dedicated to corporate prediction contests, accessible only to authorized personnel. Dress up your home page, change the colors and insert your logos to make every employee feel involved. There's even a page to display your rewards and a teaser newsletter to help boost your contest's commitment. Ready to take the plunge?

The Corporate Offer - The complete experience to thrill with Les Bleus

Enjoy all the benefits of the Starter offer, but add an extra pinch of fun and challenge. Answer our bonus questions throughout the competition and create your own in just a few clicks. This customized platform also allows you to play in teams, the ideal way to finally separate accountants and salespeople. With our Enterprise offer, you can keep the excitement alive throughout the tournament and enjoy the Scorecast experience to the full. So, shall we give it a try?

If you're still unsure about what we have to offer, we invite you to make an appointment for a short demonstration. Tell us about your World Cup project and schedule. And what's more, we've got plenty of other options for you to choose from: newsletter packages, motion design videos, partners for high-quality prizes and even VIP ambassadors!

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