How do I create a betting competition platform for my business?

For some years now, many companies have been taking advantage of major sporting events to bring together all their employees around a prediction competition.


The first opportunity is to share the excitement and enthusiasm of this event within the company! Some companies even go so far as to organise drinks to follow the meetings between employees.

The second opportunity is to communicate. Indeed, the organisation of a competition allows to capture the full attention of the participants, which can offer moments of exchange in order to know each other better.


It's not that complicated. You will find all the information you need on our Scorecast Business website. You will find all the information you need on our website: the options available, the advantages of our offers, prices, advice, feedback, contact with one of our sales representatives...

All about our SCORECAST BUSINESS offer

What about my company?

We have something for every size! We know how to work with small and medium-sized companies up to large and even huge companies. For example L'Équipe, Adidas and many others.


We have set up platforms during the World Cup and the Euros in football. But also for rugby, handball, basketball... We even followed an amateur futsal competition. We can do a lot of things, it's all a question of price :) But we never do just anything.

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