D1 Arkema - OL and PSG go from strength to strength, Soyaux continue to sink

The French women's D1 is coming to an end and the 19th day of the championship did not offer many more keys to its outcome.

In the top flight, OL, who beat Fleury 1-2, consolidated their position as leaders and their five-point cushion over second-placed PSG. Fleury (4th) are now 10 points behind Paris FC with three games to go and are therefore saying goodbye to the podium. Paris FC (3rd) hosted Montpellier, 6th, at home. The Franciliennes won 3-1 and will now participate in the play-offs to play in Europe next season.

At the same time, their neighbours PSG beat Issy 6-1 after being held 1-1 at the break. Katoto scored twice this weekend to make her mark. Issy, in 10th place with 13 points, will have to fight to stay in the top flight as they are only three points ahead of Soyaux, who were beaten 1-2 by Reims (7th) and remain 11th and the first relegation zone in this D1. The Issy players will not be fighting alone, as Dijon lost at home to Girondines de Bordeaux (5th). A 0-2 defeat puts them 9th, on equal points with the French team.

Other low-ranked teams met this weekend with the opposition between EAG and ASSE. Guingamp won 3-1 to move back up to 8th place with 14 points and almost condemn the Stéphanoises, who are in last place with only 6 points. There are still 3 games to go in this D1 and the game is not yet over at the bottom. At the top, Lyon will have two decisive matches to play against the Parisian clubs to validate their 15th title of French champions.

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