Rugby World Cup 2023 Guide: Episode 2 - Favourites, outsiders and nicknames

Get ready to enter the tumultuous arena of rugby, where strategy, strength and team spirit meet to create an unforgettable sport show.<br>Whether you are a lifelong rugby fan or you want to improve your prediction skills, this article is for you. For the next Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, we will give you all the details of a rugby match.<br>This valuable information will allow you to understand the subtleties of the game, and make more accurate predictions. This will help you to become the champion of your company predictions game on Scorecast Business.<br>So get ready to dive into this fascinating sport and improve your prediction game!


France ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Les Bleus are playing at home, so they will be favourites. Second-ranked nation in the world, France won the Six Nations tournament by completing the Grand Slam in 2022. Their start to the World Cup will be difficult, with a potential quarter-final against Ireland. 


New Zealand ⭐⭐⭐⭐

" Only " third in the world in rugby and " only " third in the last World Cup, New Zealand is not in the best period of its history. But the Blacks know how to win, more than anyone else. They will be a tough opponent at the World Cup.

Ireland ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best rugby nation in the world in 2023 is Ireland. Winners of the Six Nations Tournament and leaders in the world rankings, the Irish are among the favourites. Their inexperience (no World Cup semi-finals played) could cost them in key matches.

South Africa ⭐⭐⭐

And here come the title holders! With their rough game, the South Africans are always a tough nut to crack. They will have to work hard to get out of their group, and they could come up against France or the Blacks in the quarter-finals: no mean feat.

The underdogs

England ⭐⭐

‍Winners in 2003, the English were beaten in the final four years ago. Since then, they have won the Six Nations in 2020 before slipping slightly down the world rankings. To see them win this year would be a surprise.

Australia ⭐⭐

Four years ago, Australia came out of the World Cup on the losing side, losing 40-16 to England in the quarter-finals. Over the last 10 years, Australia has won only one Rugby Championship.


In 2019, Argentina were drawn in the same group as France and England, but failed to reach the World Cup finals. This time, they should have a place in the quarter-finals, and perhaps even further ahead ?


‍Wales will face Australia in Group C but should qualify for the rest of the tournament. Only fifth in the last Tournament, the Welsh are a step below their European opponents.


‍Victorious over England in the last Tournament, Scotland could play spoilsport. But for that to happen, they will need to do well in the group stages, as South Africa and Ireland will be in their way.

The nickname of the Rugby World Cup Teams

Now that you're armed with the basics of understanding how a rugby match plays out, you're ready to dive deeper into the specifics of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Stay tuned in the next few days for our next episode, where we'll explore the favorite teams for the title, as well as the underdogs that could spring a surprise. With Scorecast Business, you'll not only be well-prepared to take full advantage of each game, but also to be your company's champion in the prediction game. So be sure to check back for Episode 3 of our Rugby World Cup 2023 Guide, and in the meantime, may the best prediction win!

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