D-100 Women's Euro 2022

Only 100 days to go until the start of the Women's Euro football tournament! On 6 July 2022 we can enjoy 25 days of competition where the women's national teams will try to reach the final at Wembley on 31 July 2022. The French team is of course qualified and will certainly want to repeat its great World Cup 2019 in France.

Qualifying selections 👇

euro2022-team list
Source : https://fr.uefa.com/

*Russia suspended until further notice

Women's Euro 2022 calendar

Group phase

Wednesday 6 July
Group A: England-Austria (9pm, Old Trafford)

Thursday 7 July
Group A: Norway-Northern Ireland (9pm, Southampton)

Friday 8 July
Group B: Spain - Finland (6pm, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Germany - Denmark (9pm, Brentford)

Saturday 9 July
Group C: Portugal - Switzerland (6pm, Wigan & Leigh)
Group C: Netherlands - Sweden (9pm, Sheffield)

Sunday 10 July
Group D: Belgium - Iceland (6pm, Manchester)
Group D: France v Italy (9pm, Rotherham)

Monday 11 July
Group A: Austria - Northern Ireland (6pm, Southampton)
Group A: England - Norway (9pm, Brighton & Hove).

Tuesday 12 July
Group B: Denmark - Finland (6pm, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Germany - Spain (9pm, Brentford)

Wednesday 13 July
Group C: Sweden - Switzerland (6pm, Sheffield)
Group C: Netherlands - Portugal (9pm, Wigan & Leigh)

Thursday 14 July
Group D: Italy - Iceland (18:00, Manchester)
Group D: France - Belgium (21:00, D2 - D4, Rotherham)

Friday 15 July
Group A: Northern Ireland-England (9pm, Southampton)
Group A: Austria-Norway (9pm, Brighton & Hove)

Saturday 16 July
Group B: Finland - Germany (9pm, Milton Keynes)
Group B: Denmark - Spain (9pm, Brentford)

Sunday 17 July
Group C: Switzerland v Netherlands (6pm, Sheffield)
Group C: Sweden v Portugal (6pm, Wigan & Leigh)

Monday 18 July
Group D: Iceland - France (9pm, Rotherham)
Group D: Italy - Belgium (9pm, Manchester)

Direct elimination phase

Quarter Finals:
Wednesday 20 July: QF1 - Winners Group A - Runners Up Group B (Brighton and Hove)
Thursday 21 July: QF2 - Winners Group B - Runners Up Group A (Brentford)
Friday 22 July: QF3 - Winners Group C - Runners Up Group D (Wigan and Leigh)
Saturday 23 July: QF4 - Winners Group D - Runners-up Group C (Rotherham)

Tuesday 26 July: DF1 - Winners QF3 - Winners QF1 (Sheffield)
Wednesday 27 July: DF2 - Winners QF4 - Winners QF2 (Milton Keynes)

Sunday 31 July: Winners DF1 - Winners DF2 (Wembley)

You liked the 2019 World Cup, you'll love this Euro 2022

Of course, a World Cup presentation will seem more exciting because the diversity of the selections offers colourful matches. But Europe will offer a whole new level of excitement, as the forces will be more balanced. The host nation's team, England, the defending champions, the Netherlands, the German champions, France, Spain... all have a chance. Women's football continues to progress and should confirm the enthusiasm of the last World Cup in France (over 10 million viewers).

Where to watch Euro 2022 for free?

It's finally time for the women's teams to return to international competition: Euro 2022 is just around the corner! 31 matches in total to decide which of the 16 qualified teams will receive the European title.

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