Bonus questions - new version!

After a lot of feedback from our administrators, we've redesigned our "Bonus Questions" feature from the ground up to give you the best possible experience.

Who can create a bonus question?

Only the competition administrator can create bonus questions on the website. To do so, go to the tab"Administration" > "Bonus questions".

How to create a bonus question on the platform?

The process is simple: you can write your question with the answers of your choice or by using the suggestions with the teams. Then, publish your question so that the players in your competition can choose their answer. You have the possibility to see who has answered and to remind the latecomers.

You can easily add the teams of your competition?

When you need to add the answers to your questions, you can integrate all the teams of your competition in 1 click. On the line, add an answer, you will find the button "suggestion" which offers you the option "use all teams". This option allows you to easily create questions like: Who will be the champion? Which will be the best attack of the tournament? ...

How do you award points once the competition is over?

You can close the question manually or set a date that will end the bonus question automatically. Simply add the scale to award points to players who got the right answer. ✅

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