Maud - Product Designer : "Staying close to our users

Maud is a Product Designer for Scorecast. She is in charge of imagining and designing the digital experiences for the web prediction game platform and the mobile application.


What are your goals for Scorecast in terms of UX?

First of all, it is to propose an easy and pleasant experience for the user in order to allow him to live fully his sports competitions with his friends, his family... To do this, it is essential to listen to them. We are lucky to have a community that gives us a lot of feedback and is very active on social networks. The goal is to create experiences that are easy to use and that correspond to both our vision of the product and the expectations of users.


What are their expectations? 

The first thing is to make sure that everything is functional with real-time results, because that's the heart of the game. Then, we try to satisfy them by adding features that they feel are necessary. For example, having the history of the last wins and losses of the teams was a request that was strongly pushed by the users. So we added it to Scorecast as a priority. Our goal is to meet these kinds of needs if they are considered relevant to the experience.


What is a user's path on Scorecast?

First, you have to join or create a competition among the wide range of sports offered. The user then enters his predictions on the upcoming matches. He can consult the points obtained on the finished matches. He can see what other players in the same competition have predicted and how many points they got. There is also a chat to discuss directly with the users. There is also a section to deepen the experience for the more experienced players, with details of the points.


Is there a big difference in your thinking about a consumer Scorecast prediction contest and a business Scorecast prediction contest? 

We were strongly inspired by the consumer Scorecast to create Scorecast Business. We wanted to keep the Scorecast mindset for businesses. However, because the target audience is different, we had to adapt the product in some respects to meet the needs of an enterprise.


What adaptations? 

The company is going to have its own kingdom, its own environment. It's not going to have the generic competitions like all the users. The goal is for Scorecast Business to be white-labeled so that people feel like they are inside their own site. That is, a realm can be in the company's colors with the brand logo. We erase the Scorecast identity so that the brand can make it their own.


How do you want to differentiate the Scorecast platform from other prediction platforms? 

We try to stay as close as possible to our users by keeping a link through our different networks. As soon as someone asks us a question, we are very reactive. We try to answer as many of their needs as possible while sharing our passion for the sport together.

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