Scorecast : Don't you understand the point system?

This is our guide.

First of all, you should know that this topic will never be able to get everyone to agree. Agree? :)

But there are solutions so that everyone who runs Scorecast contests doesn't get frustrated. Let's start with the basics.

A - For a championship match (i.e. without a penalty shootout) the default scale is as follows

Please note that the points awarded are not cumulative.

If you have found the right winner, you get **1 point**
° If in addition to the right winner you find the Right Goal Difference, you get 1 more point so : ** 2 points**
° And finally if in addition to the right winner you have the Right score then you get 2 more points so **3 points in total**

I'm sure you got it all figured out 😉

B - Now let's get down to the nitty gritty, the CUP MATCHES 😱 👻👻👻

Let's take the final of the last Euro, the one in 2020, played in 2021 to keep it simple. 🤣
So it's a knockout match, (a game with no return match).

Let's take my evening with my friends and our predictions:

There you go, you add the 🍕, the 🥤and we're 👌. 

Do you remember the final score? No ? Well, it ended with a nice victory for Italy in penalty kicks. The final score of the match 1-1.

"One very important thing to know about Scorecast! We only take into account one score for a game. 

What does that mean? Well, if the game goes into overtime, we will only capture the final score after 120 minutes."

Let's get back to the point. 🐏🐏🐏

Here are the 3 options for the distribution of points that Scorecast offers.

The system where you assume until the end. You only score points if you predicted the winning team. If your favorite team loses in a penalty shootout, you lose everything with them!

An intermediate system in which the result of a possible penalty shootout earns you a 50% bonus if you predicted the right winner. If the other team wins, you haven't lost everything!

In this system, the result of a possible penalty shootout is not taken into account.


Huh! Didn't you understand anything? Ok I explain. For my tournament I had chosen the CLASSIC formula. And so this is what happened:

Do you see the debate? 🟢 Hulk is very angry. He feels he has been wronged. Zero points when he has the score of the game!!! As we are very buddies and he knows how to make himself understood, I change the formula of distribution of points. So I go to the Admin/Points section and change "classic" to "SCORECAST". And this is what happens.

Do you see the debate? Now it's 👩🏻 Wonder Woman who is angry. Why can this green guy 🟢have as many points as her when he didn't find the right winner!!!??? I'm in so much trouble. How am I going to get out of this situation. To go back and see the Hulk come to my house, no way. Well, I'll try the "NO PENALTIES" version.

Well, it's not much better.

In conclusion, no one will ever be happy because all players are selfish when they can win. But to avoid big problems, you must inform your players well before the tournament and explain your choice.

Summary table of points distributed according to the formula.

So I take this opportunity to tell you that this season, the finals of the Champions League, the Europa League, the Conference and all the competitions that will come after, we will use the formula that seems to be the most fair. 

The "Scorecast" formula.

Thank you for reading.

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