Seminar: Naples, here we come! 🇮🇹

We are getting closer to the end of the year and therefore to the end of the financial year for any well-meaning company ;) At iDalgo the figures, we already know (it is October), will be good, even very good. Despite the year 2020, we have survived, we have fought, often with fear, but always with courage. We have even invested and thus moved forward, so logically we are rewarded. And this is thanks to the work of everyone, yes everyone.

After triggering a pandemic in February 2020 at our seminar in Seville, we hoped not to change the fate of the world with another super seminar.

Our criteria were simple, even modest. We were looking for a sunny land (well, we got a bit of rain), we wanted sport (thanks Diego), we wanted history with a capital H (we got Pompeii) and we wanted quality food (forza Italia). So Naples was the place for us.

Take-off: Wednesday 6 October at 20:40 

Landing: Wednesday 6 October at 22:55

A few minutes later we meet Salvatore and his son Giuseppe (you can't make this up). Here we are. Direction to the heart of Naples which is not very far because the airport is in the middle of the city 😱!!!  

After getting to know Giulio and Cosimo, the people in charge of our accommodation, we set off to discover Naples, as some of us were (already or still) hungry.


First pasta dishes at 1:00 am! 


Thursday 7 October

Despite the pleasure we had in travelling together to another place, another country, we had to work a little :) 

And what could be better than a good get-together in a beautiful 1970s Italian hotel? Nothing.

After passionate and necessary exchanges, congratulating ourselves, revealing our ambitions, our objectives, applauding the Powerpoint, finishing the croissants and drinking all the coffee, we finally left, hair in the wind, (for those who still can) for the adventure.

13H pasta and pizza!

Hello Spanish quarters with its columns of streets rising towards the unknown and its wild moped waltz, capable of superb stunts so as not to have to slow down in front of a group of tourists dazzled by the spectacle. Hello city where Diego Armando Maradona can be seen on every street corner with the mythical Neapolitan actor Toto. But also the first ice creams! 

At the end of the day, guess what, it's pasta or pizza 🤣+ "o sole mio" on the guitar . 

Friday 8 October

Today is the day we travel back in time. More precisely to the time of the Roman Empire. Pompeii touched, impressed and even moved us all. An incredible morning of discovery.

After this extraordinary visit, we leave for the best pizzas in Naples according to our great Neapolitan friend Francesco, the "50 Kalò".

After that, it's a little walk along the seaside...

 ... then we all voted for a new challenge, drinking cocktails, up there, near the Sant'Elmo Castle. We had thighs, but the funicular helped us a lot :) 

Successful challenge! For the record, we drank Peroni 🍻 Pritzs, London Mule, 

The 2nd run was just as beautiful as the first :)

After the effort the comfort : ) 

Saturday 9th October

Last breakfast all together and then it's free time! Some will leave in the afternoon, others will stay until Sunday. Life is beautiful when it is simple and when the people around you are also simple and good.

After the pizza Diavola di Castelpoto Con Burrata, the Linguine AL Profumo di Limone, the few spritz, Limoncello and the authentic 'o sole mio', what can we say about our Neapolitan daytime walks and the warmth of the night? Thank you Naples, thank you all, thank you Anne-Marie.

But where will we go tomorrow? 🤫

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