Support a charity project with a prize pool linked to your Scorecast Business prediction game!

The company is an important player in the associative world

Employees and employers want to get involved in international solidarity actions. Historically, it was not until the sad tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 that companies, in a reflection phase, were pushed by their employees to give money. A good example of this period is Unicef France. Indeed, more and more of our clients are taking advantage of this animation to reinforce their social and environmental commitment.

The objective for a company to translate in acts of solidarity is to create linkage, cohesion, adherence to values and pride of belonging to employees. In short, in these difficult times, companies and their employees are looking to give meaning to their activities.

Since Euro 2021, several customers have contacted us with the objective of financially supporting associations while organizing a prediction contest. Our team has studied their needs and it is with great anticipation and pride that we would like to present our new feature: the associative model!

Every prediction counts!

You can now do it directly on Scorecast Business by linking the predictions made by the players and an incremental prize pool. All the "Pool" part is fully customizable with the logo of the association of your choice and a small descriptive text.

Pool visible to players

A new way to keep people engaged

This feature is also intended to keep players engaged throughout the competition. Even without being in the top tier, your players will realize that every participation action is important to contribute to the project. This model has already proven itself with Bizline, which donated more than €13,000 to the Ibiza Preservation association during Euro 2021.

How does it work?

To set it up, nothing could be easier! You just have to go to the "Association model" tab in the administration. You will then be able to simulate your maximum budget so that the result of the fund is not higher than your means. You can decide to reward these four criteria: the number of registrants, the number of predictions made, the number of successful predictions (above 1pt) and the number of perfects.

How do you promote it to the players?

Thanks to the communication spaces and the messaging space, you can promote the project and even link to the website of the supported association. Why add a project to the Scorecast animation? Thanks to this complementary initiative, you improve the visibility of their "CSR" commitment within the company and you increase the commitment of the employees throughout the competition. So which project should you support?

How to find an association?

There are platforms that allow you to identify associations on topics as varied as the ecological transition, education, health ... The site lists more than 100 associations to support.

What is the next step? 

Do not hesitate to contact us, our sales team is available to assist you in finding the competition format that best suits your business. 

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