A brief history of Scorecast

The start-up Scorecast also realized that Excel spreadsheets were not a panacea. Since 2008, its founder Nicolas Bonamy has been taking advantage of "only word of mouth among friends". For the Euro 2012, he counted only 6,000 participants. Four years later, Euro 2016 will have registered more than 250,000. His business model is different from Corporico's: a mobile application without advertising and web revenues thanks to it. "We are number 1 for the general public but not for companies," says its founder.

One clue to the potential profitability of the approach is that the founder of Scorecast does not only work for his own start-up, but also holds several jobs. For the past three months, I've been living at the rate of two working days," he admits. The problem is to sustain the business outside of major events. Outside of football, it's complicated to get people to predict handball, rugby or tennis. Scorecast has 25,000 users throughout the year for predictions on League 1 matches.

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You can organize a prediction contest with scorecast or scorecast business. It's easy and we even have a mobile application for IOS and ANDROID. The predictions in company it is a real appointment "pleasure" between colleagues.

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