Administration of the platform


Who administers my company's competition?

By default, the person who creates the platform becomes the administrator of the platform. You can decide if this administrator is also a player from the Settings tab > Options > Enable administrator account as player.

How to invite players?

There are two ways in Scorecast Business to invite players from the Admin > Players tab.

  • Via the invitation link available in the "Admin" tab as: You can then share it by email, on Slack... Your collaborators will then only have to create an account (and download the application and enter the access key for the mobile application).
  • Via a unique invitation distributed by email. You can manually enter the email addresses or import a CSV to automatically distribute all the invitations to the mailboxes of your employees.

Can the administrator also be a player?

The choice is yours! You can deactivate the administrator's player status from Admin > Options > Activate administrator account as player. The administrator will then become invisible in the leaderboard and the predictions page will no longer be accessible.

How can I limit my platform to certain email addresses?

You have the possibility to use the mail masks from the Settings tab of your administration panel. Then select "Allow only certain email addresses" and you can add the domain name of your choice. This means that anyone with an authorized email address will be able to subscribe to your Scorecast as a player. For example, the expected format to authorize all players in the Scorecast company would be "".

How to create and manage teams?

To manage your teams, you have to go to the "Administer" tab. You can then click on the "New team" button and give a name and a picture or a color to this team. It will then become visible to all players who will be able to join their team from the "Team ranking" page.

Where can I customize my platform?

To customize your platform, just go to the "Admin" > Theme tab. You can then add your logo, customize your colors and the homepage. You can also add banners from the "Banners" tab to communicate messages to your players.

How to create and publish a bonus question?

Only the administrator can create bonus questions on the website. To do so, go to the "Administration" tab > "Bonus questions". The process is simple: you can write your question, complete it with the answers of your choice or use the suggestions with the teams. Then you have to publish your question so that the players in your competition can choose their answer. You have the possibility to see who has answered and to remind the latecomers! You can close the question manually or set a date that will end the bonus question automatically. Simply add the scale to award points to players who got the right answer. ✅

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Is the platform multilingual?

Yes, Scorecast Business is a multilingual product. The number of languages allowed depends on your plan (Starter, Enterprise or Custom). You can then add the languages yourself from Admin > Settings > Languages.

How do you associate a player with a team?

You can associate a player to a team from the Admin tab > Players. Search for the player and then right click on the team icon in the player's row. You will then be able to assign him a team.

Can we deactivate the messaging system?

Yes, it is possible to disable messaging via Admin > Settings > Options > Enable messaging chat.