Rules of the game


How do I get points?

The goal of the game is to get the most points to reach the top of the podium. To do this you have to predict the scores of the matches available in the Predictions tab. The score scale can be customized by your administrator but the default score scale of Scorecast is :

  • You get 1 point if you have the right winner (e.g. there is 3-1 for team A and you have predicted 1-0 for team A)
  • You get 2 points if you have the right winner and the right difference (e.g. there is 3-1 for team A and you predicted 2-0 for team A, you have the right difference of 2 goals).
  • You get 3 points if it's a clean sweep (for example: it's 3-1 for team A and you predicted 3-1 for team A).

Bonus questions are also a way to earn extra points.

What is the deadline for predicting a match?

It is possible to make predictions before kick-off, but to be on the safe side we recommend that you do so a little beforehand, as our servers sometimes overheat!

Can I change my predictions once they have been recorded?

It is possible to change your prediction until the match kicks off. After that it will be too late!

Can I change my answer to a bonus question?

It is possible to modify your answer to a bonus question as long as it has not expired! It will then appear in the "Results" tab.

How are the team rankings calculated?

The scores of the first X players of each team are added together to form the team score. You can choose the number of players taken into account in this calculation to best suit your competition.

Do I have to predict all the matches at once?

No, you can only make predictions for the matches you choose. If you have validated your e-mail address and activated the corresponding option in your profile, you will receive a reminder e-mail if you have not entered any predictions for the matches of the next few days.

What do the red, green and grey circles next to the teams in the predictions screen mean?

A green circle represents a win, a grey circle for a draw and a red circle for a loss. These circles mean the current state of form of the team on these last 5 games.

A player has double the number of points than expected, is this normal?

If you see a small coloured star next to the number of points earned, then the daring predictions option is activated. This doubles the points if less than 20% of Scorecast punters have not picked the right winner. If this is not the case, we invite you to take a look at the game's payout scale, as the scale may change as the competition draws to a close. The scale is at the discretion of the administrator, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them.