Use your Scorecast Busniness competition to donate to an association

Liven up your competition in the best possible way with newsletters.

Sent out at key moments during the competition, in just a few clicks, newsletters help keep your teams engaged and keep track of this unforgettable event.

How does it work?

From your platform, choose one of your available newsletters
Receive it by e-mail and forward it to your teams via your e-mail client
Your employees receive a progress report on this unforgettable event

5 key moments in the competition

Designed to create and maintain excitement among your teams throughout the competition, newsletters are sent out at specific times:

1. before the competition to announce the competition
2. on launch day for latecomers
3. after the group phase to make the first assessment
4. before the semi-finals for the home stretch
5. and after the final to announce the big winners
Scorecast business mockup
Scorecast business mockup

Customizable and modifiable

Unique to your platform, the newsletters are automatically generated with your colors, logo, employee rankings, prizes to be won...

Each e-mail reflects your company's image, can be modified as you wish and is ideal for engaging your teams and communicating easily with them.

Get started!

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